Anita Hammond-Jones is a stylish, charismatic, society figure, applauded for her strength and bravery, tireless advocacy, and speaking her truth. When Anita sets up the Lost Lovelies Foundation after the death of her son, Martha is quick to join and dedicates herself, heart and soul, to the cause. She follows willingly as Anita pushes legislation to punish perpetrators and keep children safe. If passed, the Victims Voices Act will give parents the final say on whether an offender walks free. Not everyone agrees with Anita’s stance, and they’re making Martha’s job difficult. The ensuing debate on sentencing, parole, and perpetrator rehabilitation tests Martha’s resolve and her loyalties. Everyone has a different perspective, and they each offer us a unique insight into what motivates charity – and what happens when grief distorts our sense of right and wrong.

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Public speaker, lawyer, writer, social justice and better health services advocate.